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Hello! Welcome. Thanks very much for being here!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We’re Lacuna Brewing Co. and this is all a big deal for us. We’re extremely excited to be able to show ‘the world’, or really just the select few who reach this point, our beers, our ideas and what makes us care about the things we do.

By way of a very brief introduction, Lacuna Brewing Co. is actually Tristan and Ben. Two beer lovers who met a decade ago in the office, chatting at the water-cooler, playing football after-work and generally hitting all the work cliches you could. This friendship led to beer and food and eventually to brewing, with Ben the (able-ish) helper and Tristan the one bringing the actual know-how - a set of roles that really has persisted to this day! Indeed our current IPA was actually first brewed all those years ago in Tristan’s garden and first enjoyed by our friends with slow-roasted lamb kebabs in Ben’s flat - still a go-to combo!

So how and why did we go from home-brewing to believing we could actually make this a full-time gig?

Really it all boiled down to talking, drinking and more talking. We both loved visiting the many amazing pubs and breweries that London has to offer and during these beer-fuelled trips chat would often turn to the same topic - could we do all this ourselves? Slowly a hesitant and questioning, ‘maybe?’ turned into a slightly more assertive, ‘possibly.’

Fast-forward a few years and Tristan had swapped corporate life for sun, sea and brewing in Mallorca. But still the loose plan was to set-up our own place, and while lock-downs and travel bans slowed progress it allowed us to plan, plan, plan. And so now we are fully prepared and ready to move forward with our plans, and create Lacuna Brewing Co. in Tristan's beautiful home-county, Cornwall.

Perhaps allowing Tristan a little more sun, sea and brewing than he could have hoped for when swapping Mallorca for England in early December!

We aim to be inclusive and caring with everything we do. Which means that our beer is not overly complicated, specialist or outlandish. What we brew is delicious, straight-forward beer that really is for everyone. So whether you are a ‘commercial lager only’ kinda person, or an aficionado of obscure trappist brewing techniques, we promise that you’ll be happy when drinking our beer. And really what else is there to it!

Thank you for reading and we look forward to chatting to you all soon x

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