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A busy end to an amazing first full-year! (pt. 2)

Putting the brewery back together, again.

You wait months for a post and then two come along within weeks! Before anyone gets too excited, this is really more a continuation of the prior post than something totally new. Casting your mind back, we’d left things at the brewery on a real cliff-hanger, would the floor be finished, would they get the tanks installed, would they ever brew beer again?!
Well, I am very happy to say that we have now managed two of the three and will be back brewing in a matter of days!

I don’t think anyone will be more relieved by this progress than our Head Brewer, Tristan. Quite apart from wanting to get back to what he loves, he’s also taken on the role (and stress) of project manager, drainage installation assistant and general breaker, digger and mover of concrete. He’s absolutely exhausted, but has done an unbelievable job and can now hopefully stand back and admire his handiwork - which as the photo shows is pretty damn impressive.

We really are incredibly happy with the outcome of this upgrade to our little brewery and have managed to get to the finish line roughly on-time, sort of on-budget and without any major injuries to anyone, a pretty good job all-round. Of course, there are a number of people who have been instrumental in getting us here. Not least bee-keeper/ engineer/ builder extraordinaire Tom, who has quite literally dragged Lacuna through this project by the scruff of our neck.

Without him we’d likely still be scratching our heads and wondering which end of the breaker is the right one to smash concrete to smithereens.

Alongside Tom, we have been ably supported by ‘Select Resin’, who have done an unbelievable job in turning our knackered old concrete floor into a thing of beauty - if green polyurethane flooring is your jam. Our lovely neighbours ‘Key Machine’ who offered to store our tanks for a few days while the floor was being coated. ‘Elite Stainless’ for supplying some beautiful, shiny new tanks to us and for answering our endless questions on valves. Perhaps most importantly the ‘BIG Team’ who have provided us with a (very) gratefully received grant to help us finance those very expensive, very shiny tanks - who’d have thought there would still be EU funding available in 2022!

As mentioned above, we should be back brewing within a matter of days and will have fresh beer available by the end of January, just in time for the end of dry-January, don’t say we don’t do our bit 😉

In the meantime, you can still get your fix of Lacuna from several amazing local outlets who have been such great supporters of our little brewery;

  • The Thirsty Scholar

  • The Cornish Bank

  • Pizza Pls

  • Inn & Still

  • Culture Restaurant

We will keep you updated with how things are going but for now we wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Team Lacuna


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