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Gaining a fresh perspective!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The team at Lacuna was briefly a little bigger over the past few weeks as we welcomed a team of students, on a micro-internship, from Falmouth University.

The project is driven by the need for students to secure valuable work-experience while local businesses gain fantastic ideas and insight from a totally new perspective.

This was an amazing experience for us at Lacuna and one that we would highly recommend to all businesses, big or small.

As a final element of the project we asked one of the team to write up their thoughts and key takeaways.

Callum Eldridge was project lead - below are his thoughts on working for Lacuna Brewing Co.

November 4th the team and I started working at Lacuna Brewery in Penryn. The work was primarily digital marketing with aspects of graphic design, market research and public relations. We started the project by engaging with a number of local pubs, bars and restaurants in Penryn and Falmouth, to expand exposure of Lacuna within the hospitality segment.

Our role was to generate publicity and to understand if the venues would be interested in stocking Lacuna’s beers.

This was a really productive place to start, and we managed to secure interest from 11 venues. The contact information was shared with Tristan and Ben and this has translated into ongoing discussions on stocking Lacuna - a great first win!

Following this initial outreach our work has mainly consisted of creating digital media that Lacuna is able to use on their social media and website. This has predominantly been focussed on building a range of photos showcasing the brand that can be used to highlight the ethos and values of Lacuna.

Over the duration of the project, we completed three photoshoots. Two of these were outdoors and focussed on the natural-world, whereas the final photoshoot was conducted indoors under a controlled environment. This way we were able to use the images of cans with a blank background as templates for editing and content creation. It also allowed us to manipulate the state of the cans, adding water droplets and changing our lighting source, warmth, and direction accordingly.

Ben and Tristan have been incredibly helpful throughout the project. Providing us with all the help that we need in understanding the business and the goals of the project.

We really managed to grasp a sense of their dedication, not only to the work we were doing, but the work that they undertake everyday as part of running the brewery.

Lacuna Brewing Co. is a brilliant up and coming little brewery, with more than enough drive and passion to push it into the national market much sooner than even they themselves would expect. Their beer tastes amazing, is great value and most importantly, the owners are delightful to talk to and to work with.

Now, that is what we learned from working at Lacuna…

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